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Space goblins

USD 4.40

They're Goblins with space helmets, what more do you need to know?! All the chaos and horror of Paizo's iconic goblins enhanced with the power of laser guns and flamethrowers. Oh... just fabulous! The SoundSet was fantastically entertaining to build and will make for a most memorable evening of gaming whether you're playing Starfinder or any other Sci-fi RPG! Give it a try, you almost certainly will regret it.

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


Approaching the lair
Watching the goblins
Goblin song
Abandoned lair


Goblin Song
Things dropped
Music - "Weapons at full power"
Salvaging goblins
Cryptic signals
Asteroid flyby
Electric shocks
Welding sparks
Pulsating Power Source
Goblins attack
More things dropped
Pistol - Light
Rifle - Heavy
Pistol - Flame
Sonic - Small
Laser - Small
Blip noises
CC life support
Pistol - Light
Rifle - Heavy
Laser - Small
Sonic - Small
Pistol - Flame
Goblin Attack
Goblin hit


Space goblins

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed and finished by Chris Koerding for www.syrinscape.com, using existing samples from the Syrinscape server and addition samples created by him, including:

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
"130504__duckduckpony__slow-flyby-landing.wav"by duckduckpony of Freesound.org


Goblins performed and recorded by Chris Koerding

Goblin song composed and recorded by Benjamin Loomes for syrinscape.com performed by Benjamin Loomes and Chris Koerding

Icons made by:
Lorc, (http://lorcblog.blogspot.com)
Delapouite, (http://delapouite.com)
John Colburn, (http://ninmunanmu.com)
Felbrigg, (http://blackdogofdoom.blogspot.co.uk)
Available on http://game-icons.net
And Karen Loomes for syrinscape.com

© 2017. Paizo Inc., the Paizo golem logo, and Starfinder logo, are trademarks of Paizo Inc. SoundSet © 2017. Sounds created under license with Paizo Inc.

Art provided by Paizo Inc.


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