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House party 2015

USD 4.40

Feel left out of someone's party. Feel you should have been invited! Actually too lazy to go anyway?! Well, make your own party. Great music, tasty pretend food, the ever imminent potential of a fight breaking out? What more could you want?!

This SoundSet will appear by default in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player app, but you can make it appear in any of the apps by using the Campaign Manager.

USD 4.40

SoundSet Specifics


Happening party
On the dance floor
Outside the party
Party winding down
Fight at the party


Music through a door
Wind down music
Fight music
Party chatter
People chatting casually
Party chats
Cheering crowd
Breaking glass
Crushing a can
Pouring a drink
Smashing glass
Cheering crowd
There goes the stonewear
Not the furniture!
Crushing a can
Pouring a drink


House Party 2015

This SoundSet was imagined, compiled, designed, created, mixed and finished by Benjamin Loomes of www.syrinscape.com, using samples created by him and also the estimable Chris Piazzo. Much thanks go to him and also "Hat Trick Pony" for inspiring and helping this SoundSet to come into being!

This SoundSet includes the music tracks: "Breakdown", "Chipper" and "Organic Grunge" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

And also: "Future One", "Future Two" and "Future Three", composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Johnny Sharpe for www.syrinscape.com
Icons made by:
Lorc, (http://lorcblog.blogspot.com)
Delapouite, (http://delapouite.com)
John Colburn, (http://ninmunanmu.com)
Felbrigg, (http://blackdogofdoom.blogspot.co.uk)
Available on http://game-icons.net


Epic Games Need Epic Sound