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SoundSet Acronyms (BO, FO etc)

Rise of the Runelords:

BO:   Burnt Offerings
SM:   Skinsaw Murders
HM:   Hook Mountain Massacre
FO:   Fortress of Stone
SS:   Sins of the Saviors
SOX: Spires of Xin-Shalast


Hell’s Rebels:

HBS:   In Hell’s Bright Shadow
TT:     Turn of the Torrent
DOD: Dance of the Damned
SOS: A Song of Silver
KC:   The Kintargo Contract
BBH: Breaking the Bones of Hell



Strange Aeons:

ISOS: In search of sanity

TTT: THe Thrusmoor Terror

DYK: Dream of the Yellow King

WOOT: Whisper out of time


Dragon's Demand:

DD: Dragon’s Demand


 Zombie Orpheus Entertainment:

MOD: Mask of Death

SD: Shadow’s Dungeon




Legendary Games

BC: The Bandit’s Cave (available as Community Content)





Revolutionising your tabletop gaming experience